Welcome beautiful soul! My name is Lexi and over the past couple years I have chosen to let God’s love transform my life. He has taken me from being a codependent, people pleasing, self shaming, man hating, perfectionist women who believed Gods love was dependent on my ability to do right. Today I am progressive women who depends fully on God. I am learning to love myself in the darkest of places so I can fully come alive in who I was created to be. I am relearning who God is and how He sees me. I am growing in my ability to embrace my heart with Jesus. As He heals my twisted beliefs and painful past, I want to invite you into my process. My prayer for you as you read my story is to see a perfect Father cable of loving you just like He is loving me.

Latest from the Blog

Love lets love breath

I have that feeling in my chest again, you know the one that weighs you done like a ton a bricks. The heaviness sinks in and all I can think is how did I get here? Unexpected circumstances have a tendency to want to drown me in a spirit of hopelessness. To tell me GodContinue reading “Love lets love breath”

Rejection to Redirection

Rejection experiences carry loads of weight that suppress a heart that was never meant to carry them. Not because someone has chosen out of relationship with us but because we have turned our experiences into a story about who we are. This story is often titled “Once rejected, always rejected.” We live our lives lookingContinue reading “Rejection to Redirection”

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